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Gallery The elusive shepherd
“If anybody wants a sheep,
that is proof that he exists.”
The Little Prince
by Antoine de Sait-Exupéry

'Anita' and her 2009 lamb
'Anita' and her 2009 lamb

Pepper eating daisies
'Pepper' eating daisies

The best way to get to know your sheep is up close and personal. At first we couldn't tell them apart, but we have gotten to know our sheep quite well. At least the Scottish Blackface have mottled and spotted markings that make it easier to figure out who is who.

Sugar & Spice - twin ewes
'Sugar' & 'Spice' - twin ewes

Rams Grazing
Rams grazing

Snowy morning.
Morning after a late night snowfall

This is what our sheep look like just before shearing. I wish my hair grew that fast.

Autumn Feast
Autumn Feast.


I'm a sucker for baby animals at the best of times, so these little guys got me hooked.

Grazing Lambs
Grazing Lambs
Note: Care must be taken when pasturing sheep on alfalfa.

Greyface Lambs
Greyface Lambs

Scratch that Itch
I'm always amazed at the agility of lambs. Even when they are only a few days old they can still manage to scratch that itch, or find a way to reach those leaves.
Climb to the top
'Fluffy' & 'Monsieur'

Some of our lambs get very friendly.

Patches with Monsieur
'Patches' with newborn 'Monsieur'
It's part of our sheep's job to do the mowing around some of our antique farm equipment, so I decided to take this black and white photo to capture the nostalgic-type moment.

Marco & Pogo
'Marco' & 'Pogo' - Twin Rams

Lambing Pens
Lambing Pens (Jugs)
Each of our lambs spend their first few days in one of these pens close to their dam. This not only helps them bond to each other, but makes it easier for us to keep track of how they are doing.
'Stripe' with
her lamb
'Stripe' with 'Sheep with no name'

Newborn 'Rufus'
Newborn 'Rufus'

Lambs enjoying the shade
Lambs enjoying the shade

'Specs' behind the barn