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About Scottish Blackface Wool
Most breeds of sheep grow about a 3 to 4 inch staple of wool each year. Scottish Blackface sheep are among the long-wool breeds and boast a staple length of up to 14 inches.
A longer staple means stronger yarn and greater durability. Scottish Blackface Wool
"...suitable [rug] fibers should be coarse... straight or wavy, rather than with much crimp... and long, at least 3"-4" staple length. The more revolutions an individual fiber makes, the more securely it will remain in the yarn and resist wear."
Linda C. Ligon, A Rug Weavers Source Book
Introduction by Martha Stanley; Interweave Press, Inc.

Hand Carding
Hand carding washed Scottish Blackface wool.
Despite their unusual appearance, Scottish Blackface sheep do have wool not hair. Their wool is of a low crimp however, and is not classed with wool from other breeds of sheep - they are in a class of their own.

Nordin 005
in winter
Nordin 005 (CEA 4689) putting on her winter coat.
Harris Tweed sample Scottish Blackface wool is a heavy duty coarse wool suitable wherever durability is required. It is best suited for carpeting and matresses where it is prized for it's resiliance, and for heavy blankets, slippers, and outerwear where the long staple and hardy fibre makes for long wearing fabric. Scottish Blackface wool is used to make the famous Wilton carpets, and Harris Tweed handwoven fabrics. The wool is also good for making durable felt.

Rug Making Made Easy
Click here to learn a traditional method for making a felt rug.

Because of wool's natural fire resistant properties, you can even use Scottish Blackface wool to make yourself a cosy hearth rug.
Handspun Scottish 
Blackface Wool
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